The book is about the Author who, as a frail, little boy, had listened with rapt attention to the fascinating stories his father used to tell him about his travels during his employment in Nigeria in the colonial times. These stories had invoked in little Don, a burning desire to undertake his own journey to “broaden his horizons.” Don is soon to discover that the world is much larger than he ever imagined, it is not so welcoming, is fair and unjust, very rich yet very poor, full of challenges but also opportunities and one must swim or perish. It is teeming with people, people of all colors, nationalities, cultures and traditions. Above all, Don realizes that broadening one’s horizon is a process, not an event. This book is an honest and captivating story of how Don, now with a wife and five 3rd-culture kids, navigates through the complexities and contradictions of that world and its diverse challenges, and leaves behind, giant footprints along the way. It was a journey he was to discover would be very difficult and protracted with no known destination, but with important lessons for him and his Readers.